Understanding your Publicity Report | prleap

Understanding your Publicity Report

The PRLeap Publicity Report gives you the ability to track multiple components of your PRLeap Press Releases activity. You'll see fundamental metrics for your press releases, including prleap.com Views, Facebook Likes, Twitter Tweet Count, Search Engine Visibility, and the Syndication Online Clipping Report.

Your PRLeap Publicity Report includes the following metrics about your press release:

  • PRLeap Views: How many time your press release was viewed on prleap.com.
  • Embed Widget Views: How many times your press release was viewed as a result of being embedded elsewhere.
  • Facebook Likes: How many times your press release was liked on Facebook via the "Like" button.
  • Tweets: How many times your press release was retweeted on Twitter.
  • Search Engines Visibility: List of search engines that visited your press release on prleap.com
  • Syndication Online Clippings: The online clippings report shows a listing of the online media outlets that have picked up your press release.