All PRLeap Press Release go through an approval process to make sure they are newsworthy, accurate and meet our Editorial Guidelines. If we find any issues, we'll let you know more about the policy and what you can do get your press release approved.

How to Submit a Press Release for Review

After you complete the checkout process, your press release is automatically submitted to us for review.

How long review takes

We review most press releases within 1 business day. Some reviews may take longer because some press releases require a more complex review.

If your press release is under review for more than 1 full business day, please know that we're working on it and we will complete your review as soon as we can.

What we review

We review your press release according to our [Editorial Guidelines.] We look at several elements of your press release, including the website(s) that it links to. We look at both the formatting (what your press release looks like), as well as the content (what you're announcing).

If we find anything that doesn't follow our policies, we will mark your press release and send you an email with information about that policy and show an alert in your account.


We give your press release one of several statuses during and after our review to see if it complies with our editorial guidelines.

  • Approved: Press release complies with our policies, so it's approved for distribution.
  • Pending Review: Press release is still being reviewed and can't be published until it's been approved.
  • Editorial Hold: Press Release cannot be approved as is because it violates our editorial guidelines. You will get an email about the issue from To get your press release approved, edit your press release (and website if needed) so that it meets our editorial guidelines.
  • Not Approved: Press Release cannot be approved because the content (what your announcing) or the website it promotes violates our Editorial Guidelines. If your press release is not approved we typically cancel it immediately and issue you a refund or credit.