If you switch your plan between an Annual Membership and a Monthly membership, the change will take place immediately, meaning that your card will be charged right away, and you will receive the corresponding credits for your new membership at the time of the switch.

For example: If the renewal date for your Gold Annual Membership is May 1, 2015, and you choose to switch to a Gold Monthly Membership on September 30, 2014; you will be immediately billed on that date and receive the credit for your Gold Monthly Plan right away. This will also work the other way.

Switch plans between monthly plans will not be immediate. The membership change will be reflected immediately, but your card will not be billed for your new plan until your next billing cycle (renewal date), in order to ensure you keep the same billing date. You will receive your new membership credits at that time.

For example: If the renewal date for your Gold Monthly Membership is on the 25th of each month, and you switch to a Platinum Monthly Membership on August 12th, you will not be billed on that date; instead, you will be billed on August 25th, and you’ll receive the 2 credits for your Platinum Membership then.

If you need to downgrade or upgrade your monthly subscription plan, please submit your request via the help widget ASAP. We are more than happy to help you change your plan.

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