PRLeap uses BBcode for formatting the text in press releases. Use the format bar that appears when editing your press release to apply formatting to your text. Use the buttons to bold headers, add bulleted lists, and create links.

Tags will be added to the selected text and you will see the results in the Preview section of the Press Release Builder.

How to create links with anchor text

1) Highlight the text you would like to act as a link and click the link button from the Formatting Bar.

2) Enter the URL that you want to link and click the OK button.

The selected text is now formatted with the proper tags as shown below. Repeat steps 1 and 2 to create more links with anchor text. Learn more about creating links with anchor text.

How to bold text

1) Highlight the text you want to emphasize and click the Bold button to format the specific text within your press release.

The selected text is now formatted with the proper tags as shown below.

How to Add Bulleted Lists

Present bulleted lists whenever possible. Limit the size of a list to no more than seven items. Break up larger lists into two lists if possible. Or, consider only presenting a portion of the list and including a linking to the full list on your website. This is a good tactic for driving traffic back to your website.

1) Highlight one item at a time and click the Bulleted List button to add an indented list.

Repeat the process until all the items have been formatted with the proper tags.