You’ll need to create at least one brand profile before you can create your first PRLeap press release. Use brand profiles to connect the Facebook “Like Box” and social media profiles on Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+ to your PRLeap press releases.

If you are an agency submitting press releases on behalf of multiple clients, then you’ll need to create a brand profile for each one of them.

How to create a brand profile

  1. Log in to your PRLeap account at
  2. Click on the Brand link on the top navigation
  3. Click the Create Brand Profile button
  4. Fill out the web form and click Create button

After the brand profile is saved you will be able to see a preview of it. Click the Edit button to make changes or fix any errors.

Once your brand profile looks good, then click the +Create Release button to create your first PRLeap press release.

If you need to create another brand profile, then repeat steps 2 through 4.